10 PM – Line Workers Tackle Significant Damage

Manchester, NH (November 27, 2014) –  An army of line workers from New England and beyond continued working Thanksgiving Day to repair damage caused by wet, heavy, snow that blanketed the Granite State overnight. Approximately 138,000 PSNH customers were reported without power as of late evening Thursday, down from a peak of about 207,000; and, crews will continue working overnight and for at least several more days until every customer is restored.

While additional progress is expected Friday, it is important that impacted customers prepare for the possibility of several more days without power. An estimate of global restoration – when the vast majority of customers will have power restored – is being developed and will be released on Friday. PSNH thanks customers for their patience. 

Damage from the snow storm continued until about 3:00 a.m. on Thursday. Good progress was then reported throughout the day, as crews focused on completing a comprehensive damage assessment in order to focus restoration efforts in the most logical and effective manner.  Crews have restored power to all major hospitals, the Rockingham County Complex, and to downtown Newmarket (an earlier press release incorrectly stated that all of Newmarket was restored).   

Hundreds of additional line workers began arriving Thursday to help restoration efforts, including crews from our sister Northeast Utilities companies in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as crews from Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Quebec and Ontario.  In total, more than 680 PSNH and contractor line-workers, and more than 300 tree trimming specialists, are now in place and focused on restoring power to customers.

Safety Tips –
-Customers should never touch a downed wire and should assume any downed line is live and dangerous. Be aware that downed wires could also be buried in the snow. Downed lines should be reported to PSNH immediately at 1-800-662-7764

-Customers using generators should make sure they are installed safely for their own safety, as well as that of line workers.  A generator should only be wired directly to the house and completely isolated from the utility supply.  Otherwise, generator power could feed into the PSNH electrical system, causing unsafe conditions for line workers and neighbors.  For more safety tips, visit www.psnh.com/stormsafety.

If a customer loses power, it’s important to report the outage to PSNH by calling 1-800-662-7764 or through our website, www.psnh.com. Customers can also sign up for twice-daily text message alerts via the power outages page of our website.  Photos of storm damage can be found on our Flickr page.