PSNH News Press Release

Construction Begins on NH Transmission Project

Goffstown to Hillsborough Upgrade will Help Meet Demand for Power

Manchester, NH July 12, 2007****Construction has begun in earnest on a major upgrade of a PSNH transmission line in New Hampshire that will help ensure that adequate power is available for customers, especially during times of high demand. The $17.6 million “East West Energy Project” will include the replacement of poles and wires within an existing right-of-way which stretches from Goffstown to Hillsborough. The project is scheduled to be completed in phases and finalized in mid-2008.

‘Airmail’ Protects Wetlands

Helicopters this week began delivery of 247 wood laminate poles, 50 – 70 feet in height, which will replace existing structures. The air delivery helps to protect delicate wetlands in the corridor. Thiro USA, the project contractor chosen by PSNH, has placed bright orange signs in and around the area to assist ground crews. Residents are asked to please leave the signs where they are placed.

(Several new poles in Goffstown, in the area of Ashlar Drive and Knollcrest Road, will be about 95 feet in height, replacing existing 80 – 90 foot poles.)

Corridor Communities

The project will upgrade more than 20 miles of transmission line through the towns of: Deering, 7.60 miles; Goffstown, 3.93 miles; Hillsborough, .95 miles; New Boston, .74 miles; and, Weare, 7.62 miles. Antrim and Francestown also abut the corridor. Other improvements will be:

Weare: a new substation will be constructed and two lines from it will be used to meet local demand for power.

Goffstown/Hillsborough: Upgrades to two existing substations and to transmission lines between the substations.

Program Brochure: EastWest brochure web.pdf

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July 12th 2007